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Rapid City hosts many exceptional service providers who support people in crisis. Please consider donating through a giving meter (locations below) or text RCGIVES to 605-550-8193. Scroll down to learn more about the We Connect Community initiative. We appreciate your support!

2023 Giving Meter Locations.png

1. Tally’s
2. Alex Johnson
3. Medicine Wheel (MSS)
4. 7th & St. Joseph (Summer Nights)
5. 7th & Main (by bench & stoop)
6. Hay Camp & Hope Center area or Church across the street
7. Armadillos/Mission area
8. Promenade/Legacy Commons area

Donate Now

Text RCGIVES to 605.550.8193 


through a giving meter

Find Help

Call Helpline Center at #211
Call Journey On at 605.519.1066


Click here to search for available volunteer opportunities in your area.

Learn More

Click here to learn more about the community collaboration working to address homelessness.  

What is a “We Connect Community”?

A “We Connect Community” shares an appreciation for both our differences and our universal humanity.  In doing so, we strive to be well-connected as independent sectors to share in the responsibility of enhancing our overall well-being.  We believe that when we build the individual, we build the community.


Community Response Guide

Window Decal

Business Toolkit 

What is the Business Toolkit?

The Business Toolkit was designed solely with the business owner in mind.  It offers help in responding to situations that occur when the issue of homelessness interferes with business operations.  The toolkit has 3 key components to help you and your team:

Community Response Guide

We Connect Window Decal

We Connect Business Toolkit 

What’s in it for me?

These components are intended to work together to make a difference for everyone involved.

  • It connects the individual in crisis with a list of available resources

  • It connects the donor or volunteer with ways to give 

  • It connects the business owner to a direct line for intervention

  • It connects the employee to practical tools for interaction

  • It connects the community to solutions

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