Families and individuals experiencing homelessness are often invisible. We are working to raise awareness about the impact of homelessness in our community, address the needs, and advocate for policy change to support the homeless in our community.

We provide referrals to local service agencies providing: medical and mental health care, vocational services, housing assistance, food assistance, and other social service supports.

PIT (Point-in-Time) Count data from 2020 can be summarized in the following:

West River: 621

East River: 353

Of the 1,058 persons experiencing homelessness statewide:

· 72 percent were adults over the age of 24, 20 percent were children under 18, and 8 percent were young adults 18 to 24 years of age

· 77 percent of those surveyed were sheltered on the night of the count and 23 percent of those surveyed were unsheltered on the night of the count

· 43 persons were veterans compared to 66 in 2019, a decrease of 35 percent, of the veterans counted, 86 percent were sheltered

· 215 persons were children (under age 18)

· 448 females and 607 males were counted, there were 3 transgender people counted

· 812 persons were sheltered and 246 were unsheltered in 2020

· 66% were Native American

Compared to the 2019 count of 995, the 2020 count of 1,058 represents a 6 percent increase over-all.

· Rapid City 353 persons

· 192 unsheltered

· 161 sheltered

· Sioux Falls 344 persons

· 17 unsheltered

· 327 sheltered

Strategic Plan

Homelessness impacts the entire community; addressing these needs in the Black Hills Region is everyone's responsibility.