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Supporting the organizations who serve our community.

The Black Hills Regional Homeless Coalition works to address involuntary homelessness by ensuring that adequate services are available and accessible, empowering homeless individuals to utilize services and achieve self-sufficiency, increasing the community’s awareness of and responsiveness to homelessness, and seeking long-term societal change. 

The coalition is a collective collaboration of 40+ organizations that come together to advance best practices in homeless services, engage in joint problem-solving, and collaborate to create shared solutions to both individual and community issues affecting those experiencing homelessness. 


The Black Hills Regional Homeless Coalition recognizes that the impact of homelessness goes beyond the individual and also has an equal effect on the broader community.  This is especially true for business owners and their employees who often encounter people in crisis. Those who are unhoused may display behavior that may interfere with business operations. As a collaborative effort, we've created a Business Toolkit for business owners as a resource to help in responding to situations that occur when the issue of homelessness interferes with business operations.   

Be a part of the community solution
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